Ozark-Dale County’s Online Profile is Here!

4 Jul 2023


 Dale County, AL, and The Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation (ODEDC) have created an in-depth county profile for anyone to view on our website, for free. The ODEDC is invested in educating site selectors and businesses on what sets the county apart from others in the area. One of the ways we are completing this goal is by creating this county profile, which puts together up-to-date information on the county and its workforce! 

Everything You Need to About Ozark-Dale County’s WorkForce

This county profile includes access to up-to-date demographics on our population, housing & income, workforce, current businesses, businesses by industry, educational attainment, commute time, and more. The county is also known for its patriotic, active, and friendly residents. We are seeing primed growth in the aerospace & aviation, advanced manufacturing, food processing, metal fabrication, and distribution & logistics industries. Click here to view Dale County’s profile and learn all about what our county has to offer your business today!