"Alabama Power is committed to serving communities and helping to make them a better place to live, work and play. By working closely with partners like the Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation, we can support meaningful community initiatives that advance our future and elevate our state."

— Trent Dillard, Alabama Power Company

"Brauer Aerospace has been in Dale County since 1983, and we’ve been able to consistently find workers with the skills we require. Our company will continue to invest in growing our business here."

— Mike Brauer, President, Brauer Aerospace Products

"My time in the Ozark Technology Center was tremendous for allowing my business to grow while keeping overhead costs at a minimum. It was a safe and secure place with all the amenities that I needed. The Ozark-Dale County Economic Development team helped to transition me through the growth stage and into a stand-alone, fully functioning company."

— Todd McGarvey, Globalstar Aerospace

"The Ozark Technology Center offered me flexible space and a professional business climate that was very important to my growing business."

— George Harris, Harris Security Systems, Inc.

"We visited Ozark in January 2023 for a [FDI-Qualified Community] re-certification assessment. The new executive director, Ms. Holle Smith, and her team impressed us with the quality of the preparation of information and the flawless execution of the on-site visit. Community and utility stakeholders joined her in highlighting the community’s location assets. With a county population of 50,000, this community excelled in areas that we rarely see in large metros as we focus on Leadership, Community and Sites.

Comparing the overall rating given to Ozark-Dale County in our holistic assessment of community workforce, workforce training schools, talent pipeline, logistics, industry, economic trends, quality of life and local leadership, Ms. Smith and her team achieved one of the highest scores of the 12 communities which have participated in this certification program. The detail and quality of their work stood out during our entire visit."

— Mr. James Blair, Managing Director & Founder, Navigator Consulting LLC

"ODEDC is the primary organization that keeps our cities, the County, and our business community moving in the right direction. For the last several years, ODEC has been extremely successful in the growth and development of Dale County."

— Mark Blankenship, Mayor of Ozark