Together We Succeed

Investment benefitsThe Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation (ODEDC) is a publicly and privately funded nonprofit 501c6 organization working to improve the economy of Dale County through the creation and preservation of jobs and wealth. By investing in ODEDC, we can multiply our individual power to advance our local economy for the benefit of us all.

Our private investors are community partners, both individuals and businesses, who see the value in contributing to the growth of our community through monetary and in-kind donations. Our investors include utility providers, banks, insurance offices, accounting firms, architectural firms, engineering firms, and construction companies, among others. 

Because this is about community commitment and collaborative success, our partners are invited to pledge the amount of their choosing for a three-year term. Our office can answer all of your questions about pledge amounts and set up a payment schedule that is right for you, whether it be yearly, monthly, quarterly, or delayed. The flexibility and choice are yours!

Investors will see advantageous returns on their pledges because the board and staff of ODEDC work diligently to use the investments wisely to improve the economic landscape of Dale County. Our goal is to attract more business and talent to our region.

Our investors are acknowledged throughout the year with gestures of appreciation, including an annual dinner in October. Quarterly emails keep our partners in the know about our activities, projects, and progress. Of note, one board of directors seat is held by an investor.