Ozark-Dale County Celebrates Small Businesses Throughout May and Beyond

Ozark-Dale County Celebrates Small Businesses Throughout May and Beyond Main Photo

22 May 2024


Ozark-Dale County is home to 1,181 businesses that support 13,614 employees. Many of the employers in the region are small businesses that rely on a handful of staff members to grow their organizations. Small businesses are the cornerstone of the American economy. This is why the Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) honors Small Business Week during the first week in May and keeps the celebrations going throughout the month.

“Our small business owners deserve more than a week of recognition,” says Holle Smith, President of the Ozark-Dale County (EDC). “Not only do they support employment in the region, but they provide valuable services and recreation for the residents of Ozark-Dale County.”

Learn more about the impact small businesses have and get to know a few local companies that were highlighted this year.

Small Businesses Have a Tremendous Impact on the Economy

Small business owners are a powerful force in the local economy. The Small Business Association (SBA) estimates that small businesses make up nearly 99.9% of all companies in the United States. While a small business is defined as a company with fewer than 500 employees, 56.6% of businesses have fewer than five employees as of 2021. Small businesses include family-owned companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and contractors.

Small businesses are often the first source of employment for young people entering the workforce and adults who need training. Small business owners often work with employees to grow their skills and prepare them for successful careers. Not only do entrepreneurs create jobs as their businesses expand, but self-employed individuals also free up positions for job seekers to grow their careers.

“Ozark-Dale County is strong because of its small business leaders,” says Smith. “Our job at Ozark-Dale County EDC is to create a culture for these business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive.” 

Ozark-Dale County EDC Honors 5 Valuable Companies for Small Business Week

It's impossible to mention every single business in Ozark-Dale County and all of the great work they do. Instead, to celebrate Small Business Week 2024, Ozark-Dale County EDC recognized five companies that go the extra mile to make a difference in the community. Here are this year’s honorees:

  • Elevations School of Dance: Madisen Patton, the owner of this dance studio, frequently invites local groups to use her space as a practice facility. She is also involved in the community and supports organizations like the Dale County High School band.
  • DiFilippo's Pizza: On top of serving delicious pizza, this restaurant is known for its "Dine and Donate" events. Residents can enjoy a delicious pizza, socialize with their neighbors, and support local nonprofits and school groups all at the same time.
  • Press Craft Printing: Not only does this printing store support businesses across Ozark-Dale County, but founder Steve Blankenship frequently sponsors local events and donates services to important causes. He is particularly committed to supporting the Dale County Humane Society
  • Chopper’s Ol’ School BBQ: This restaurant is known for serving delicious barbecue and supporting the Wiregrass United Way year-round. However, its most notable event happens around Thanksgiving, when owner Noah Wood provides free meals to 1,200 individuals. This way, no one has to go hungry during the holidays.
  • Subway of Ozark: Our local Subway franchise is actively involved in the Dixie Major World Series, the Ozark Christmas Parade, and Teacher Appreciation Week. The Rodriguez family continues to invest in the local community.

These are just a few companies that make Ozark-Dale County an amazing place to live. Not only do the owners provide delicious meals and valuable services to the area but they continue to give back whenever they can.  

Take Advantage of Business Resources By Ozark-Dale EDC

Even though May is the end of Ozark-Dale County's self-proclaimed Small Business Month, you can take advantage of the resources provided by the local EDC and its partners throughout the year. Attend a lunch and learn or apply for funding assistance to support your infrastructure projects. Participate in our business incubator program or get to know the various organizations that offer grants and education support to small business owners. Whether you want to network for a day or execute a five-year plan, Ozark-Dale County EDC is here to support you.