Ozark-Dale County’s Aviation & Aerospace Advantage

18 Jul 2023


Dale County, has the advantage of being home to 25 percent of South Alabama’s Aviation & Aerospace industry. The county is a major contributor to Alabama’s aviation history and forward-moving innovation. Fort Novosel is located in the county’s southwest corner and is home to the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence. The Alabama Aviation College and Wallace College provide employers with a reliable stream of aerospace-ready employees to hire.

Aviation & Aerospace Businesses Benefit Locating in Ozark-Dale County

Fort Novosel has a flight simulator cockpit design and trains pilots on maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). Regional assets also include Dale County’s Dothan Airport, Ozark’s Blackwell Field, and multiple U.S. Military airfields in the area. The county also has a plentiful number of commercial, general, and military aviation pilots to choose from. Click here to learn more about Ozark-Dale County’s Aerospace & Aviation advantages and how they can help your Aviation business today!