Ozark’s Incubator Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed!

22 Aug 2023


The Ozark Technology Center for Developing Industry, aka “The Incubator,” has a mission to provide an environment that is beneficial to the success and growth of new and expanding businesses. This mission is to create and promote regional employment opportunities, and to diversify the regional economy. Located in Southeastern Alabama, Ozark’s Incubator offers affordable office spaces, manufacturing bays, and docking areas. 

Ozark Technology Center Helping Developing Businesses Succeed

The ultimate goal is for businesses that utilize the Incubator to become a successful and viable part of the community. This can help with job creation, revitalization of neighborhoods, commercializing new technologies, and strengthening local and national economies. Ozark’s Incubator provides support, resources, services, and low-cost rental space to businesses in need. Click here to learn more about The Incubator and how it is helping Ozark businesses today!