Ozark-Dale County Offers the Best of Alabama!

15 Aug 2023


Ozark-Dale County, AL, region is known for its high quality of living. The Wiregrass region’s residents enjoy the wide open spaces, friendly communities, and affordability. Whether you are a family, individual, or in retirement looking for a great place to live, the Ozark-Dale County area has everything you are looking for. 

Why People Choose Ozark-Dale County to Call Home

Ozark has recently been named Insurify’s 2021 Fittest City due to the physically fit outdoor recreation the city offers and the physically demanding fitness industry jobs here! Ozark is also extremely proud of being named “Most Patriotic City” in 2020 and 2021 by Insurify! Dale County is home to Fort Novosel’s U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and is home to a great number of honorable military members. Click here to learn more about daily life in Ozark-Dale County and why more people are choosing to locate here.