Follow Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Online!

30 May 2023


Those who are in Ozark-Dale County, or those who are interested in the region, can now follow us on social media! The Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation (ODEDC) has created a website and social media pages that everyone is invited to follow. When you follow us you are kept up-to-date on several things including social events, business news, and new incentives as they become available.

Ozark-Dale County  EDC’s Social Media Keeps You Updated

Residents of Ozark-Dale County can socialize with others on our social media, which is another bonus. Businesses can be asked to be highlighted here as well, which can increase their online presence. The ODEDC’s mission is to help the economy by supporting businesses, and to keep residents, businesses, and visitors alike in the know at all times about the exciting things happening here! Click here to follow Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation and always stay informed about everything happening in the region.